Coach Nina Price

Nina Price, C.P.C.C., L.Ac.

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Tell us about your background.

I grew up in New York City and went to college and graduate school at the University of Michigan. After earning my business degree, I knew I wanted to work in the creative energy of the Silicon Valley and so I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I still live. I loved the 20 years I spent working in Silicon Valley corporations, but when the dot com bust hit in 2001, it became clear to me that it was “time to do something else.” I was in my mid-forties and recognized that I needed to “push the reset button” on my career. I also realized that I was ready to be self-employed, and “work for a boss I love.”

What brought you to coaching?

As a manager for Silicon Valley corporations I loved coaching the people who worked for me, as well as those on the global teams I ran. I enjoy helping people to be more effective and successful in all they do. When I decided to step off the corporate treadmill in 2001, I knew that my next step was to become a professional coach, and I did.

Are there any particular life experiences that inform your coaching?

I’m the mother of mother of two adult daughters, the grandmother of two teenaged granddaughters and was unexpectedly a single parent for my first seven years as a parent. Even though I worked full time at an all-consuming corporate career while my children were growing up, I’ve succeeded at the cosmic work/life balancing act of parenthood. I had a ‘practice marriage’ early on and then, after searching diligently for years, found the real thing. We’re still married and having fun today.

I’ve been a radio personality for over two decades, and still occasionally host a music show and do voiceovers. I’m also am a licensed acupuncturist, working primarily with women’s health concerns. I’ve helped midlife women through the key issues women experience at this stage: ageism, parity, competition, confidence, invisibility, bosses, politics, empty nest, menopause, aging parents, small business startup etc. Together, we’ll develop success strategies for you that will feel authentic and deliver results.

As a midlife woman who’s determined to “walk her talk” I now sleep better, eat better, stress less than I did earlier in life. I even became ‘fit’ for the first time in my life, in my 50’s as a part of my own self care makeover. No one really prepares you for midlife changes, especially for those that are completely unexpected, but I can help you navigate the changes, transitions and transformations. You’ll even have fun in the process!

What is your mission as a coach?

To help midlife women traverse the portal of midlife so they can set themselves up for success in the second half of their lives. You can consider me as your “tour guide to midlife.”

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What kind of client do you most enjoy working with?

I work best with midlife women who are struggling with at least one of the following: Changing bodies and health; changing relationships (spouse/partner, children, parents); their careers, and what to do next in life.

Tell us about your workshops and presentations.

I enjoy talking about:

  • Everything Midlife: Menopause symptoms to other health concerns; ageism in the workforce; changing relationships; planning for the future.
  • Alternative Medicine and Self Care: Herbal remedies, cleanses, preventing burnout, creating a supportive lifestyle.
  • Businesses and Careers: Job interviews, personal branding, starting a business, exit strategies.

I lead an online workshop called Turn Heads After 50, which teaches strategies for getting seen and heard in a world where it’s easy to feel invisible. This Fall I’m hosting From Struggle to Wow, a two-day workshop for midlife women who are ready to “ditch the struggle and wow the world as they never have”.

Where and how often do you meet with your clients?

I like to work with my clients for a minimum of three months. We typically have weekly meetings by phone. I record our calls and send a copy of each call to the client so that she can listen to our conversation as often as she’d like. I can make other arrangements, as needed. My preference is to work by phone, although Skype and Google hangouts are other options.

What should new clients should know about you as their coach?

I’m easy to be with and fun loving. I love being with you, wherever you are, without judgment, and creating a safe place for you to evolve into an even better version of yourself.

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