LisaBouch SAID:

I am 47 and feel like I am 87 due to severe Thyroid Disease (Hashimotos) How can I manage the disease with no insurance and no way to get medication?

On: November 20, 2013

One Answer

  1. Lorna Gager wrote on :

    Hi Lisa. Hashimoto’s and many other autoimmune diseases can be greatly alleviated by cutting gluten from the diet. If you read Dr. Susan Blum’s The Immune System Recovery Plan you can get extensive information about how she cured her thyroid and Hashimoto’s. She gives a step by step plan along with recipes as to how to remove the foods that can be the cause of auto immune disease.

    I personally had Sjogrens Sydrome and it is gone now that I have eliminated gluten. Best of luck!

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