marciebeth SAID:

Do you have any suggestions for those who have recently lost their jobs at middle age and are having a hard time reentering the workforce?

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  1. Rosanne Leslie wrote on :

    Get out as much as possible and keep moving in the direction that you want. Try not to buy into any sterotypes, “middle age” , job market, etc…plenty of people reinvent themselves over and over and over again…you can do it too!

  2. Amy Cohen wrote on :

    Because the job market is so difficult to get back into for many, for many different reasons – an idea is to turn to creating your own business. What hobbies do you have? What do you love to do? Many people have created a business doing something they love and we are able to bring business worldwide! And there are new creative businesses many have not heard of – for instance – virtual assistants – if you have great business or computer or special skills – there are many all over the world looking for help – a virtual assistant. If you have a computer, skills and great ideas – you can have a business!

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