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For almost 25 years I have worked for non profits to start with as volunteer and as a paid worker, both in the UK and now for the past 15 years in Michigan, USA. I do this work because I am passionate about helping others obtain programs, supplies or survival tools who can’t do it for themselves. I am blessed to be in this profession but its not an easy or stable profession to be in. For success you have to give 100% and therefore I am never not working. Not only strategically finding fund raising opportunities but utilizing every opportunity in my life looking for the ideal prospect or/and donation. Sadly, not many non profit CEO’s or and Boards absolutely don’t understand that fundraisers are not sales people, they are not selling products, they are selling an emotion. The time and the skill/s that are needed to not only locate donors but to plan, implement and ask for funds. Therefore many, many fundraisers do not last more than 2 years in the same job and this is because of the pressure. It’s a lot of work and very stressful having to try and educate and fulfill what your bosses unrealistically want. $2m in donations in 6 months!! Yes, that is what many expect and unless you are lucky or they have a huge list of major donors waiting, it doesn’t happen that quick.
I absolutely love my job raising money, for example, to provide more free specialist therapies for children who are in dire need of them and their family cannot afford to pay.
I really need some of your expertise and help to put in to perspective for me the constant “inner voices,” of feeling insecure in my present job. How do I take each day as it comes, how do I communicate and express my self clearly and effectively to my CEO and Board to obtain their full understanding and realistic support to give me a day of feeling secure and take a realistic deep breath. All my great skills, qualifications and successes have got me the jobs but it still doesn’t stop the constant pressure and feeling that I am not expressing/communicating Please give me the opportunity to learn some important and much needed skills, so I can improve my professional and personal life.

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  1. Mike Halsey wrote on :


    From your post, I’m sensing an abundance of heart and great intentions, but seriously overdrawn accounts in the areas of personal energy and recognition.

    What seems clear is that your bosses are asking the impossible, especially from a long-term and committed asset like yourself. Continuing on this trajectory, it seems inevitable you will burn out and leave the game. If this is true, I’d suggest you may best serve everyone by communicating as much so that all can make decisions based on reality.

    If the idea of bringing it up triggers fears about how it will be received, that’s OK. You know your truth; ground yourself in it. Explore and then own what you know to be your limits and what needs to change for you to continue to be of service in this position. Considering your track record, I suspect your views may be respected more than you realize.

    Big subject. If this is still a live issue, I’d invite you to contact me or any of the other great coaches on this site to schedule a free sample session. You can dive right into this topic and likely come away with some real, transformative value.

    Best of everything,


  2. Rosanne Leslie wrote on :

    It is not possible to answer this question and do it any real justice in this format. However, I would consider composing a letter of your issues and concerns to the CEO and Board. Sit with the letter for about a week and then revisit your thoughts. Do this for a few weeks and then see if getting your concerns down on paper will help you to see yourself more clearly and then consider sending it to them and see what their response is. Communication skills takes time and the ability to try and be objective (as objective as possible) about ourselves and how the world sees and relates to us is a constant work in progress we call “life”. Insecurities are not overcome in a day. Hope that helps.

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