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As a Dr. friend once stated…”your problem is you hate everything you are good at.”
I have grown to hate everything that I have ever done for a living. Now I am looking for a new career and am terrified to even try given my experience. Help!

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  1. Mike Halsey wrote on :


    Am I hearing something about perfectionism in there somewhere? You are evidently “good at” more than a few things. Does your record of competence come at the expense of being afraid to not be fantastic? If so, I can see how any pursuit could quickly become un-fun.

    For a moment, thinking completely outside of the box of your past professional experiences, may I ask…
    What do you ENJOY?
    What has been present in the most awesome moments of your life? (Hint: These are your values. They are important.)
    If you were going to MASTER this career search and be a complete *fearless rebel* by including all of your top values in your next undertaking, what would be possible.

    Homework suggestion:
    Have a completely reckless and wild brainstorming session with one or more people who know and love you. Make a list of at least ten crazy awesome dream careers (real or invented) that would put your values and talents to use. Sleep on it, then actually look into at least TWO of the careers on your list.

    You seem like a very interesting woman on the verge of cool change. If you feel like shooting me an e-mail, i would love to hear how this turns out.

    Best of everything,


  2. Rosanne Leslie wrote on :

    I don’t know what your experience is, but from the photo you look like you might be a harpist? 🙂 Do you not love what you are good at? Don’t be afraid. Life is really too short for fears. Just move in a direction that you feel some passion towards and don’t worry about the end result. What you learn on the way to discovering what you love, you have a good chance ad discovering a new career path!

  3. Betsy Karp wrote on :

    What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? What in your opinion are you good at? When we find something we love to do… Energy shifts and things start moving in a positive direction. There is a flow to it all. I would suggest to start writing a list of all the things that you love.

    I see a harp in the background and in my humble opinion you look very connected to that harp. I bet you are amazing at playing the harp.

    I might also suggest wearing or associating yourself with the color purple. Purple is the color of your
    highest- self and it helps connect you to your purpose. You might want to go to my website and purchase the mini mantras, (love buttons) which are daily reminders to love and adore ourselves. The Purpose pin would be so great for you to wear, keep by your desk or bed and let the intention of what you love and desire come through.

    Please let me know what your talents are and what you enjoy doing and then I might be able to suggest some other ideas.
    I hope this helps. Betsy Karp , The Colour Coach ,

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