miaamanda SAID:

I need to find out why I keep meeting men who turn out to be bad people and abusive. It’s killing me that I repeatedly become subject to this.

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  1. Rosanne Leslie wrote on :

    There can me many reasons and reasons with many layers. This is my area of expertise, if you want to contact me at: raleslie.com, it is not a simple answer.

  2. Mike Halsey wrote on :

    Yes, it sounds like you DO need to correct that completely unnecessary pattern! No one deserves abuse, and these men don’t need to have their hurtful habits perpetuated by the reward of your company.

    I am curious, what are the very first signs you usually notice that the new man is bad or abusive? Going just one level deeper, what do you notice–in yourself and in them–right BEFORE the painful evidence about them reveals itself?

    My intuition suggests that YOUR intuition sees this coming sooner than you consciously realize, and would love to point you in other healthier directions. What about the status quo has grown too comfortably predictable? What (much) better directions have you lost sight of?

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