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My life seems to have taken a horrible change ever since I became a “whistle blower” at the company I worked for because my immediate boss was stealing funds from the company. I reported him, and I am the bad person, 6 six weeks I was dismissed from a career I loved. I feel stupid, and like a failure, now I can not find another position anywhere, and I am trying very hard. I am no spring chicken either, I am 53. I need help, serious help. I am college educated. Northwestern in Evanston, Il. with a B.S. in Business Administration. I have always been an Administrative Assistant.

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5 Answers

  1. Mike Halsey wrote on :


    You sound very hurt. understandably, and maybe a bit scared. Is that right? As a starting point, right now as you read this, may I ask you to weed out and then explode the following elements from your story into outer space?

    “Horrible change.” True? Nonsense? TBD?
    “I am the bad person.” Nonsense sentence, even if you are citing someone else’s version.
    “I feel stupid, and like a failure…” I know, you were just naming the feelings, which is a great first step. But there are thoughts immediately before those feelings, thoughts which in your case don’t hold water. Integrity and courage to step up = stupid or failure?
    “I can not find another position…” Maybe substitute “have not” for can not?
    “I am no spring chicken.” Nonsense limiting belief. Please don’t let it become an excuse for not stepping back up to the plate with the same guts you showed at your previous company.

    Now, I’m curious…
    What new career would make this change a tremendous gift, especially at this stage in your FOF life?
    What kind of people do YOU want to work for? What kind of employer will respect and value your honesty, work ethic and many other skills?
    What help do you need? Who will you ask for it.

    Homework suggestion:
    Ask five people who know you best to share what they perceive to be your strongest qualities or skills. Compare these to your own wants and put whatever you learn into every part of your career search (e.g. resume polishing, interview prep, new education or career field research, etc.)

    Good luck to you. This could be great, and I for one would love to hear what shows up!



  2. Amy Cohen wrote on :

    Hi Paige,
    First, there is always karma and something wonderful is going to find your way. As far as a career, you dont have to leave a career you love, it was only a company you left. If you cannot find something with another company, can you do something on your own while you look. Top notch college. Have you thought about becoming a virtual assistant. There are so many new ways to use your skills and work for yourself with global businesses opening. My admin asst (called virtual assistant) lives in California! She works on my newsletter, videos, paperwork…what are your talents? What do you love to do? Are there hobbies you would like to make a business out of? All you need is to create a website (you can find for $200 & even less), let people know out there you are in business, contact people you have worked with and contacts you have met along the way, cards from vistaprint and get out there! Figure out specialties – you can do it! If you need more information, look up becoming a virtual assistant and see what comes up. I would be happy to talk to you if you like – also – I would love to see your resume!

  3. Leah Halvorsen wrote on :

    First off Paige, I want to acknowledge your bravery. That must have been a difficult decision to make. It is also clear, that you are a woman of high ethics and some of your values were being violated in the situation with your past employer, hence your decision to act.

    So now you are starting again. What if you could choose an employer that fit with your desires, skills and ethics? What sort of job/organization would that be? By the way, “not a spring chicken” is one perspective to see yourself through, and what would shift if you saw yourself as a capable woman with a great deal of experience, ethics and seniority to offer your next employer?

  4. Cindy Hooker wrote on :

    Hi Paige,
    I am so sorry to hear about your situation. That is terrible and illegal. I hope that you will talk to a good attorney about this retaliation. You can always find one through the state Bar association. The next step would be to have a reputable career coach work with you on your resume and targeted positions. Sometimes when we go through traumatic situations, we can carry that with us in the interview, and we want to approach the interview with confidence.

    You have wonderful credentials and a steady work history. Being able to spiff up your resume and download any negativity that you are holding on to should help with your search.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best Wishes!
    Cindy Hooker

  5. Betsy Karp wrote on :

    Hi Paige,
    You did the right thing by reporting him .You will find a new job, just keep your spirits up and keep looking. It is a new year and things willl open up . Call everyone you know or have worked with in the past and begin the search . Make it a new journey of discovering what you want from your new position and ask for what you need. I look forward to hearing about your new job …It’s coming right around the corner :))

    Betsy Karp …

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