What resources do you recommend for expanding my in-home business?

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  1. Mike Halsey wrote on :


    As you may have already gleaned from the great responses from other coaches, the most important resource for expanding or enhancing any venture is often the right question or questions which should be explored. So…what are the top three questions that need to be asked and answered regarding your business?

    I might float one: Why do you do it?

    I’d love to hear what you come up with.

  2. Mandasmita Singh wrote on :

    Louette congratulations on being an entrepreneur ! I would suggest to start with yourself as a resource – and ask a couple of questions to self to start with

    1. Who am I and who do I want to become
    2. What is getting in the way

    In case you would like to have a quick chat around this you can always reach out to me at mandasmita@gmail.com – l look forward to your business growth!

  3. Jeanet Lamoca wrote on :


    Curious about what is driving this question. What business are you in? What do you want to expand it too? What is happening that suggests you need to expand? What resources do you notice you need or think you need? What are your customer or clients asking for that suggests resources are the answer? Is resources the answer? And the questions could easily go on.

    There is no one answer without a closer look at where you are in your business, what your purpose is and what outcomes you want to achieve. Exploring that within the context of what’s influencing or will influence your business will inform your question.

  4. Linda Ratcliff wrote on :

    I wonder what your business is? Do you have a product that you sell? Do you need to have stock?

    I would suggest that you dedicate a room to your business or at least a closet. This will keep your business contained! It is hard to not scatter all over the house. You might fit your closet with a shelf that is held up by two drawer files cabinets. The file cabinets might hold files with all of your business information in it. I have several 3-ring binders that hold the information on my clients and my “how to” information. I have a shelf above the desk area that holds books. On the desk, I have my computer and a pens and pencils can. I also have pretty clock and my phone.

    I did a lot if investigating for a website for my business. I also found several good businesses who advertise for me. Keep the closet door closed when you are not actually working. Otherwise, your work will creep into your home. Spend the last minutes of your work day on organization. A To Do list is helpful and allows you to close the closet door because you don’t need to do it now! If you need to keep stock and to send it, store it above your bookshelf along with packaging, tape, address labels. Lastly, make your area pretty. A pretty color paint or beautiful bulletin board will make your office a fun place to go to.

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