Name: Becky Beer [Nerium Representative]
Phone: (916) 801-8653

Nerium is clinically proven to be 500 times more effective than any other skin care product on the market. It was an accidental discovery by scientists at MD Anderson Medical Science Research in Texas, who were seeking a cure for skin cancer. Nerium International continues to fund that research.

Nerium is all about giving back! Besides 30% of its profits going into cancer research, Nerium IS the biggest donor to Big Brothers Big and Sisters, having contributed over $1,000,000  in 2014!

I’m honored to be a part of this giving, sharing and loving company! Join Me! Please take a look at my personal before and after photos, which show how Nerium changed my jaw line after only three weeks.

I was amazed!  I didn’t see these results looking in the mirror every day, however. What convinced me were the selfies I took before I started using Nerium and three weeks later. Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words.

Join me in the happiness and beauty of Nerium!


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