Name: Bess Heitner [One-of-A-Kind Jewelry]
Phone: (212) 228-0008

After my husband died, I began taking jewelry courses. People liked my work so much that I decided to go professional. I have never enjoyed anything as much. In my “second act,” I found my true passion. I create one-of-a-kind & limited edition contemporary jewelry for women who want to make a unique statement at work and in their personal life. My collection features raw and polished gemstones, opulent pearls, custom clasps, and exotic minerals from the world’s treasure troves.

Each piece is designed to flatter the skin and enhance the style of your ensemble. My goal is to give you something beautiful to wear, something that makes you look and feel your best in every situation. My standards are very high. I’m always looking for the finest quality at the best price so I can pass the savings on to you. My motto-Extravagant Jewelry at Affordable Prices. I handcraft each piece in my New York studio.

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  1. Becky Beer says:

    Beautiful Pieces!
    Nothing is better than making women feel as great as they already are; and then enhancing it with beautiful one of a kind jewelry!


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