Name: Carole Rains [Emu Bliss Beauty Products]

Emu Bliss is a line of all natural skin care and body care products which harness the benefits of emu oil to treat:
-dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles
-itchy rashes, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea
-baby rashes, diaper rash, cradle cap
-joint and muscle pain
-damaged hair
-bug bites, bee stings, poison ivy
-chapped lips
-scars and stretch marks

Emu oil was discovered by the aborigines of Australia, whose harsh environment caused lots of burns, cuts and pain, and has been used for thousands of years.
It is composed of omega fatty acids, the building blocks of healthy skin, and it’s transdermal, meaning it absorbs very deeply into the skin. This allows it to work from within as well as on the surface, and carry the other all natural botanical ingredients in with it for maximum benefit and effectiveness.

It’s available on Amazon at and online at Feel free to contact me with any questions

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