Name: Cheryl Slaymaker [Decorative & Functional Art]

I create decorative art that’s also functional. If it will hold still I paint it, ink it, sew it, or sculpt it. When I first married there were so many unique things available to decorate a home, but I couldn’t  afford to buy them, so I figured out how to make them.

I make reproduction antique dolls and wooden toys.  I sew blankets for children.  I paint with acrylic and alcohol ink.  I do custom work.

I also repurpose old furniture, such as the 60s fiberglass chair (pictured here) that had been put out for trash. I sanded, painted and decorated it with an octopus doodle.

My custom cotton blankets are about $100.00.  My custom art on canvas or yupo starts at $35.

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