Name: Christine Baumgartner [Dating Service]
Phone: (714) 290-6166

Are you single and frustrated with the dating process?

Do you find yourself dating the same wrong type of person over and over?

Are you wondering, “Am I too old to date?”

Have you gone on dates and thought, “This was such a waste of time and energy?”

If any of these sound familiar, then The Perfect Catch dating and relationship coaching is for you.

I’ve been where you are. Great things going on in all the areas of my life, except the personal part. After years of dating the same ‘wrong type of guy’ I actually came up with a process that not only helped me have fun while I was dating, it lead me to meet my husband Tony, to whom I’ve been married since 2007.  Creating the The Perfect Catch programs has given me the opportunity to help hundreds of women have the same success as I’ve had.

If you’re ready for your Perfect Catch, visit my web site and request your complimentary coaching conversation with me.

To your happy dating,


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