Name: Debbie Driggers [Ensuring Your Pet's Wellbeing When You Can't]
Phone: (925)567-4483

Have you ever thought what would happen to your pets if you unexpectedly couldn’t get home? Most of us assume friends or neighbors would take care of them in an emergency. But what if an accident or sudden illness left you unable to notify these friends or neighbors that your pets needed them?

My Pets’ Network provides the missing link in pet safety. You create a secure profile, which includes the names and contact information of those you’ve entrusted to care for your pets. We provide you with wallet cards and car window stickers that instruct emergency services personnel to contact us if you cannot. Once we’re notified, we activate your personalized network to ensure that your pets are cared for until you are able to return to them.

We encourage (and assist) all members to make long-term care plans for their beloved pets.

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