Name: Jan Oliver [Lose Weight 3 Minutes At A Time]

This program was created out of need, for the woman who can’t stick to a diet or exercise plan. As a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience I know there is only one way to lose weight. I have seen it time after time, in patient after patient, and in multiple settings (not always in sickness) It is the goal of my company to dispel weight loss myths with one simple truth. The only way to lose weight is to Eat Less and Exercise More. I want to show you, 3 minutes at a time, how to incorporate exercise into your day naturally, without all the hype and dramatic wardrobe changes. A commitment of 3 minutes a day is a great place to start and totally do-able. Write me today, tell me what’s your greatest challenge, struggle, mind game? What makes you go into a food frenzy? I would love to hear your story and will do my best to serve you with professional and accurate information and a passion to see you succeed.

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  1. Roslyn Tanner Evans says:

    Sounds intriging only 3 minutes a day.

    • jan says:

      Thanks for your interest Roslyn. You’ve heard of how orange is the new black. Well in this program 6 minutes becomes the new 3. Then 9 and then 12. Basically can fit it in
      anywhere in your day.


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