Name: Joanna Gordon [Vlogging About Midlife]

I’ve just turned 50 and my youngest child just turned 18. It feels like a significant moment as I’ve been a full-time mother (apart from voluntary work) for the last 23 years. During that time I’ve lived in 13 houses in sixVl different countries, but am finally home in the UK. I’ve got space and time to breathe, and am ready for a new challenge.

I decided I wanted to do something creative, that might be helpful or interesting, and that was quite unique. My kids kept showing me young vloggers, which were fun, but they never really talked about anything that I found interesting, or had the issues I have – with their bodies, their clothes, their lives, whatever. I also realised that although there are a lot of vloggers out there, there aren’t many middle-aged vloggers 🙂 I know how to edit film, so I figured, why not?

So please check out my Youtube channel, Facebook page or website. If you can, please follow me or like my postings. Thanks very much!

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