Name: Linda Lewis [Trademark and Patent Lawyer for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses]
Phone: (314) 989-0458

I work with entrepreneurs to provide them with protection for their brands, services and products by evaluating their intellectual property (brands, designs, inventions) and helping them register trademarks and copyrights, or acquire patent coverage of their inventions. I also provide guidance in starting up their businesses.

I work with small or solo inventors to guide them through the patent process and help them to reduce or delay costs when applying for patents. Delaying costs can provide an entrepreneur with more time to make an informed business decision whether to pursue the product, because the opportunity continues to look promising, or to terminate the project before incurring more costs, because the opportunity is not working out.

I work with entrepreneurs to help them prioritize their spending on intellectual property. Trademark registration can be delayed, but filing patent applications cannot be delayed.

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