Name: Maria Allyn [Coaching For Women In Midlife]
I understand the Diva in all midlife women and in how honoring that presence can transform lives. I understand that if you don’t see yourself as valuable, no one else will. I created a practice based on reconnecting with the powerful, intuitive moxie muscle. You know, the one that gives you the courage and energy to “go for it.”  I believe that it can be strengthened like any other muscle in the body. That journey gently, creatively and purposely guides women to listen to their inner murmurs and treasure their unique, one-of-a-kind lives. This guarantees a  LIVE OUT LOUD blissful life, a life that can be enjoyed without the need to raise babies, be married, please everyone else or have regrets. Life has so many transformative lessons, including divorce, empty nests , loneliness, second careers, and aging authentically. Each of us needs an anchor and compass. We need to be reminded that BLISS is available to us daily and that we must make a commitment to purposely seek it. 
My Transformational Programs guide us to take charge of our life story, recognize what’s working and not, and how to get back to BLISSWhat never ceases to amaze me is that we are all born with exactly what we need to find our way. We just have to move towards it and lovingly invite it into our daily lives.
I aim to ignite a spark everywhere through my coaching. Through my practice, I’ve found a safe haven and I am able to share my calling with the world and spend time creating a life that I love. I am truly grateful.

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