Name: Arlinda M.
Phone: (917)566-5900


In our online boutique we offer skirts that are designed make a lady feel as if she is about to attend a Royal Ball, However these “bottom frocks” are meant to be worn every day of her casually-elegant life.

Warning: Constant use of these Skirts may cause sudden twirls of girlie-ness.

Sofistafunk Bespoke
By Appointment Only
We take a “Step Into Our Parlor And Join Us For Tea” approach to our one-on-one custom couture services for ladies and little girls.

We make certain that our client’s shopping experience is a personal one reminiscent of the Victorian era through the late fifties, a time when attention to detail was key and the shop owner’s sole mission was to make her clients feel like royalty.

Sofistafunk a brand #DesignedToEmpower

*In our efforts to be more environmentally responsible, 99% of our cuttings are re-purposed into other useable fashion moments, so they never reach the already overflowing land field

3 Responses to “Arlinda M.”

  1. Marcia Miller says:

    Your skirts are FABU. I just love them. Looks like they might be good for my You Go Girls! traveling ladies.

  2. Roslyn Tanner Evans says:

    They look like so much fun, you want to dance in them.

  3. Anne-Marie Kovacs says:

    LOOOOOOOVE these skirts!


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