Name: Patricia Goodman [Consults On How To Earn A Living Online]
Phone: (847) 259-2604

What are you doing with the rest of your life? If you are having difficulty answering this question, Patricia Goodman is ready to help you. She is a home based business & marketing consultant and Internet entrepreneur. She writes and publishes articles on a variety of business related and personal development topics, including developing an entrepreneurial mindset. She consults and guides individuals interested in redefining their careers and their lifestyles using the Internet.

Patricia’s experience includes 25 years working in corporate America for Fortune 100 companies, almost a decade running her own retail small business, and now manages the online consulting business she has created. She is well versed in helping people understand how they can begin earning an income online. If you are interested in moving your life in a new direction, find out how you can leverage the power of the Internet to create a new career and lifestyle that you will love.

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