Name: Phoebe Price [It Works! Health & Beauty Products]
Phone: (304) 923-6517

Hi, My name is Phoebe Price. I am a distributor with It Works! I have that “crazy wrap thing” that everyone wants. A body-contouring, crème-infused cloth that tightens, tones and firms your skin anywhere you place it, within 45 minutes. We are a health and wellness company to help you look and feel better everyday! Our product line offers you some of the best all-natural products on the market, to increase energy, relieve stress and joint pain, lose weight, and more.

I love sharing our products. My family uses them and we know how amazing the products are! No other company compares. Besides helping you to feel better everyday, It Works! offers an amazing earning opportunity. Anyone can do this business! The company offers fun, freedom, keeps you debt free and lets you stay home with your children. Change your life today! The It Works! way

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