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Are you unknowingly using products that are disrupting your endocrine system or are linked to birth defects, diabetes, obesity, autism, ADHD, or cancer?

The Presidents Cancer Council reported that just 10% of cancer is genetic; 90% is environmental, caused from what we breathe, eat, drink, put on our skin. As a matter of fact, It’s actually more dangerous to put a product on our skin than to eat it! What we eat is detoxified by the body while what we put on our skin goes into the bloodstream.

There are over 80,000 chemicals in commerce, most untested. But some have been proven harmful and are heavily in use in products we use every day!

Ava Anderson Non Toxic offers safe alternatives, including skin products, cosmetics, scents and hair products for us, baby, men and home. Our products are made from organic botanicals and pure essential oils and have been tested.

If you’re interested in healthy alternatives, email Phyl at for the current party number before ordering.

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  1. Phyl Syracuse says:

    Ava Anderson Non Toxic is now Pure Haven Essentials! (3/16) PHE, designed to bring to you and your family the best in nontoxic personal care and household products, will continue to carry many of your Ava Anderson favorites w/ more products to be introduced soon!

    All products are being manufactured at our Warren, RI facility with the finest ingredients, no harmful chemicals, & rigorous quality control & testing protocols.


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