Name: Susan Street [Brass Stamping Components for Jewelry Designers]

The Vintage Jewelry Supplies Company Inc. has been serving jewelry designers since 1989 as their major source for brass stamping components plated in rich antique patinas, including oxidized sterling silver, brass and copper. We also offer many items in raw brass for artists who wish to add their own patinas. Many of the pieces we feature are still made from the original dies inspired by the Victorian period and created in the late 1800’s.

We are a retail and website business and ship worldwide. Most of our products are made in the USA but we also offer many exquisite, German-made filigree pieces as well as vintage Bavarian glass., a teaching site created by Susan Street, the owner of the company and a professional designer, will help and inspire you to create jewelry with a style all its own.

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  1. Susan Street says:

    Actually this site supplies the components to make your own jewelry. The items themselves are not handmade but they are in most cases made in the USA.


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