Name: Teresa Driskell [Plexus Health Products]

I am an ambassador with Plexus Worldwide, an amazing health products company. The Plexus line of products may help with weight loss, skin disorders, appetite suppression and pain relief. We are one of the fastest multi-level marketing companies in the country.  We ranked #2 in Shape Magazine’s list of most popular diets of 2014, and we aren’t even a diet company!

Plexus Slim was designed for type 2 diabetics, but after discovering that it caused some patients to lose weight, it’s been marketed as a weight-loss tool. It also has decreased the desire for sweets for many who take it.

A new product, called Block, inhibits starches & sugars from converting to glucose by 48%. XFactor is a turbocharged vitamin and antioxidant supplement, with an patented aloe blend, and helps vitamin absorption. We offer Fast Relief, a product for pain relief that’s made with green lipid mussels, as well as a Fast Relief cream. We have a great probiotic Probio5 and BioCleanse!

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