I now pronounce you bride and gown

I vaguely remember shopping for my wedding dress 43 years ago, when I was almost 21. I went with my future mother-in-law to Lord & Taylor, where she was Fashion Coordinator. As a L&T executive, Gerry (I’m Geri) got a whopping 40 percent discount, so it made sense to buy the wedding dress there. I can’t for the life of me remember if my mother, or anyone else, came with us. I don’t remember having fun, either.

Today, I had fun, shopping for a wedding gown with my sister, her soon-to-be-daughter in law, DIL’s mom and DIL’s maid of honor. We went to J. Crew Bridal, where the selection is simple, elegant and extraordinarily well priced. Why any woman, or her mother, would spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress escapes me. Every bride looks beautiful. She doesn’t need a $10,000 gown to make her look good.

A cute and stylish little girl hiding among the wedding gowns

Anyway, Nicole chose the second gown she tried on and she looks exquisite in it. The dress will be sent out within days. No Byzantine fittings schedule, another ridiculous marketing ploy. The gown has to be hemmed, but otherwise it fits perfectly. It doesn’t hurt that Nicole has a perfect size 2 body!

Weddings have become big business, but now that fewer young people feel compelled to get married, the market is probably going to shrink over the next decade. I hope the people selling those grossly overpriced gowns are prepared.

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  1. Preppy 101 says:

    My daughter’s dress was from J. Crew. She couldn’t have looked more beautiful if Vera Wang had shown up in person with a $10K gown! I agree with you! XOXO

  2. Maureen Chapdelaine says:


    My wedding gown cost $250. My dress had a high stiff neck and long flowy bishop’s sleeves…for a June 1974 wedding.

    I often wonder, was that my mother’s doing…or the style?

    We’ve come a long way….



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