They want your undivided attention

We all know people who have to be the center of attention. When they’re at a party, they shine in direct proportion to the number of people surrounding them. When they’re on their cell phones, they want everyone to hear their “important” conversations. When they’re trying on clothes in a shop, they parade around the dressing room, hoping the other customers will admire their great bods.

She seems to be seeking less attention lately

Some attention seekers want everyone to think they’re the prettiest and sexiest gals in the room. Others need to be the funniest, the smartest or the coolest. The attention validates them, like it does for celebrities.

Even when they get attention, they frequently remind us how much they’re loved and admired.

I now understand that many of these people are actually insecure. The attention momentarily reduces or takes away their insecurity, which prompts them to seek more attention. I should feel a little bad for people who need such adoration, but they can be do darn intrusive and irritating.

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