She is beautiful!

Question:        What does my dear FOF friend, Gerri Shute, have in common with singer Jennifer Hudson and Blackhawks left wing (whatever that means) Patrick Sharp, besides the fact they’re all from Chicago?

Answer:            They are three of the 50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans of 2012, according to Chicago Magazine.

Two beautiful Chicagoans: Dr. Rohini Dey, left, who owns Vermilion Restaurant, and FOF Gerri.

No doubt about it.  Gerry is beautiful, inside and out.  She was one of the first FOFs I interviewed before we launched and we hit it off instantly.  She is generous of spirit (she invited me to dinner with a group of her closest friends when they came to New York—and I hadn’t met her in person yet!) She is cultured (she comes into New York and goes to six plays and four museums in a matter of days). She has impeccable taste (just look at her).  She loves her family (when she talks about them, you see it in her eyes). She’s comfortable with anyone (I invited her to dinner with two good friends and they adored her). She is funny (listen to her talk about dating.) And she’s sexy, smart and sassy.  So there you have it.

Meet Gerri.

PS  Look at the other “Beautiful Chicagoans.”  FOFs aren’t very well represented, are they?







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