If your name is ‘SugieWogie,’ you’ve got to be interesting

One of the best parts of my job at FabOverFifty is meeting smart, passionate, driven, wonderful women who love to share their ideas and enthusiasms. Every week I talk to FOFs who are starting new businesses or looking for new outlets for their talents. We are a generation that doesn’t stop looking for new challenges and seeking new opportunities.

I love talking to these women, which I’ve been doing, nonstop, since dreaming up the idea for the website. Today, I chatted with FOF Shari Reihl, who recently launched a company called SugieWogie (I won’t tell you what she makes because I want you to go to her site, but trust me, it’s a cool product. Make sure to play the little animated video.)

Her dad nicknamed her "SugieWogie" when she was a young girl


Shari was one of the exhibitors at our recent FOF Beauty Bash and I volunteered to introduce her to retailers who might like her product. We talked for close to an hour about business, and touched, as well, on a few personal subjects (aren’t we all pros at talking about more than one thing at a time?)

Shari sent me this email soon after our conversation ended:

“I really enjoyed talking with you today.  It is wonderful to have someone that you respect to help guide you through the obstacles of being in this business!  It is not an easy process, as you know.  It is important to have a network of good loyal friends.”

Isn’t that the truth!


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  1. sharon Segal says:

    Geri, What a great idea. Shari has a great web site,but yours is still number one ! Stay well and keep writing .Sharon


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