40 years, 40 hours

A woman in the nail salon was (loudly) telling her friend about a 40th birthday party another friend was planning for herself. It’s going to be a 40-hour party and the birthday girl has every one of the hours planned, from cocktail hour to breakfast, lunch and dinner to nighttime arrangements, plus everything in between.

Everyone who is invited received the complete schedule and can drop into any of the events. I don’t know how party girl decided the number of tables to reserve at restaurants, but I’m sure anyone who can plan a 40-hour party is on top of every detail.

A novel idea, I thought. Would be great when you’re turning FOF. If it appeals to you, make sure to leave enough time for planning. Two days and two hours of activity is a lot of time to fill.

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  1. Vera B says:

    I like the idea of the “reverse surprise party.” At 60 I’ve gotten to the point that birthday day parties are, well, pointless. The reverse party would also take the pressure off friends who really have no idea what to get a person who already has everything they really want. Great idea!

  2. Duchesse says:

    I’d be uncomfortable with that much focus on me; I could enjoy maybe 5 or 6 hours, but not 40, 50… or 60! Everyone has her “attention tolerance”. Your post raised the interesting question for me; for whom are such parties, for the guest of honour or invitees?

    One of my favourite birthdays ever was a “reverse surprise party”. My GF Laraine and I share the same birthday, so we invited a pile of friends to an outdoor concert (Peter Allen, so that dates me) and packed a huge picnic along with a birthday cake. We pulled it out and said, “Surprise! You’re at a birthday party!”


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