Holy terror

You don’t have to like Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, her politics or her husband to agree she’s a smart woman. She’s especially smart when I hear her say something on the evening news that I myself thought earlier in the day. For the second time in about 18 hours, FOF Hillary has condemned a Florida pastor’s plan to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11.

She hoped that the media would not cover the event on Saturday “as an act of patriotism.”


Sanctimonious TV commentators, newspaper editors and radio hosts are weighing in 24/7 on the clown pastor’s horrendous plan. But they’ll be sure to send cameras and microphones up the wazoo to record every moment. After all, the clown’s act will get viewers.


If I were a media honcho, I would try to corral my colleagues across the industry not to cover the event.

I’m on your team, Hillary.  Don’t just say something. Do something. You’ve got the clout and you’ve got two days to do it. You could move mountains with that much time.

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  1. Leigh Chandler says:

    I love Hilary and I think she is doing a great job as SOS. I don’t know what she can do about this debacle, though. I agree with you, Geri. I think it would be our patriotic duty to ignore this whole ordeal, if only the press had a conscience. Are we going back to the dark ages and burning books? Just the thought of this turns my stomach. It goes against everything that this country was based on.

  2. Pam says:

    While I have no personal feeling about Mrs. Clinton, and I do agree with you that the situation would be so much better if the media would not cover the event, I take umbrage that you chose to call the pastor a “clown”. He is a sad, misguided individual who gives other pastors (many of them great) and christians (many of them good) a bad name. He lacks discernment and I shudder at the emotions he has been able to stir up worldwide because of this and what the result might be. Perhaps praying for him would help?

  3. Toby Wollin says:

    Sigh. Although I believe Secretary Clinton was the right person to choose for the job and has been doing a terrific job, I have to admit something: she was a great senator for New York State and knew Upstate like no one else ever has who has not actually grown up here. Hillary Clinton does everything all in – and she did her homework to get elected and continued to work hard to know Upstate as well as downstate. So, we miss her leadership, hard work and just plain old grubbed out knowledge here. Oh, and Hillary – if you’re reading this – if you’re looking to leave someone that gorgeous blue coat with the kimono silk lining your wore on your first Asian trip – give me a call…


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