A good six-degrees-of-separation story, or should I say one degree

I had dinner last night with FOFriend, neighbor and brilliant writer, Linda, and we talked about everything under the sun–from her recent visit with her stepson in Oregon to the book she’s writing. The conversation was especially lively when we started discussing men. Linda’s husband, the love of her life, died six years ago and she hasn’t met a guy who comes close to having his appeal and intelligence. When Linda mentioned that she and her husband had been friendly with Betty Friedan, I chimed in: “I dated a man 10 years ago who was also Betty’s friend. His name was Dick um…..”

My FOF friend Linda
Linda's good friend, feminist Betty Friedan


“Loring?” Linda asked. (not his real name)

“Oh my god, yes,” I said.

“He was my husband’s close friend. I’ve known him for 40 years,” Linda responded.

I filled Linda in on how Dick and I met when I was 54 and he was 80. “Our age difference was too great,” I told her. Then Linda gave me a Dick update: “He’s 90 and doing well. As a matter of fact, we had dinner together last week,” she said.

I was glad to hear Dick is in good shape and involved with a woman.

The world isn’t small. It’s miniscule.

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