A mother’s plea


The parents of Lauren Spierer, the University of Indiana junior who has been missing for three months, were on The Today Show this weekend, pleading for anyone who knows anything about her whereabouts to come forward. Lauren’s mother, Charlene, also wrote a chilling public letter to the person “responsible for Lauren’s disappearance,” explaining “we are just as determined today as we were on day one… to find out the answers.” Charlene recounts how “excruciating” it was to pack Lauren’s possessions and ship them home. “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU HAVE TAKEN FROM US. Do you think we are going to rest until we find Lauren? We will not.”

As a mother, it is painful to think about Charlene’s pain. She knows it’s improbable her daughter  disappeared into thin air, but the friends who last saw Lauren have not provided any helpful information.

A video of Lauren shows her walking, barefoot,  near her apartment at 4 a.m.

I, too, would not rest, until I knew what happened to my daughter after that. When does hope turn into mourning?

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  1. Coastalharp says:

    My brother disappeared 26 years ago. I still hope…..even as I mourn, everyday. It’s always there.
    My prayers are with this family.

    • Geri says:

      Good morning Coastalharp,

      Your message touched me.


  2. Fran says:

    My heart continues to ache for Lauren and her family. It is unthinkable and unbearable as a parent to understand how your child could go missing like this. I hope that somebody, somewhere can get word to her parents with some kind of information. College towns are not always a safe haven as so many kids come to believe, even in the midwest. We must remind our kids, girls and boys, to be aware and so careful of their surroundings. Prayers and thoughts remain with this family.


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