A Shakespearean tragedy

When you were young, did you ever wish your mother or father was dead? I did. There were times when my mother angered me so, I wanted her out of my life. It was momentary anger, but anger nonetheless.

Gertrude and her son, Hamlet, who despised her for killing his father and marrying his uncle


Whenever I read a news story about a child who has killed his mother or father, I always want to know what made the situation so horrible as to lead to murder. Did the parent completely neglect the child, emotionally and physically? Beat the child? Sexually abuse her? Belittle his accomplishments? Push her too hard? Is it possible the parent did nothing so egregious, but simply had the wrong chemistry with her child? Or the child’s chemistry was just out of whack?

We are all imperfect, parents and children, and some of us are more imperfect than others. We’ve all got to learn as we go, and hopefully, we teach each other along the way. It is one of the greatest tragedies when the relationship goes mad.


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