Adam and Eve are having a baby

Debra's Malas necklaces are inspired by Buddhist prayer beads. Each has 108 semi-precious stones and a sensuous tassel in gold, silver or gunmetal

I met FOF Debra at Eve’s baby shower (Eve is the girlfriend of Adam, my yoga teacher.  Adam and Eve, I swear). Debra was wearing magnificent jewelry, which she designs under the clever name Light by Sky, since her last name is Skyler. Everything in her collection is based on spirituality, a great influence on Debra’s life, since her mother’s untimely death in a car accident about a decade ago. “I was on the phone with her when she said,  ‘we’re making a difficult left turn.’ My dad was driving her car, which he never did. The phone went dead. My mother was gone.”

Debra at the shower

Debra studies Kundalini Yoga (the yoga of awareness that affects human consciousness, develops intuition, increases self-knowledge, and unleashes the creative potential within all of us, according to Wikipedia) and goes on retreats in New Mexico, where she sells her jewelry. She’s also on a quest to get her pieces into more shops.

Divorced since her son and daughter were barely out of diapers, Debra raised them alone and has had a few serious relationships that didn’t last because “they were the wrong men or they were crazy about me and I didn’t want to spend my life with them.” She’d like to meet a “strong, smart man,” but isn’t into dating sites. “I’ll have to meet him at a dinner party,” she says.

Debra hopes to sell the home in Long Island where she’s lived for decades and move into Manhattan. It’s all part of her “reinvention,” she says.

P.S. The food at Locanda Verde, where Eve held the shower, was delicious!

The French Toast
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