See How You’d Look After Facial Rejuvenation

Dear FOFriends,

If you’re a fab woman over 45, and are curious to see what you’d look like after a facial rejuvenation, have we got a treat for you:

A brilliant new tool on FabOverFifty will show you exactly how you’d look if you had an invasive or non-invasive facial treatment (think facelifts or Botox.)

Created by breakthrough company, New Look Now, the tool is as simple as pie to use, and once you’ve submitted your preferences, and a photo, you’ll have your New Look within 24 hours.
So go ahead and have some fun. We can’t turn back the clock, but we sure can face up to Father Time and Mother Ager.


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  1. R.t says:

    Hi,Geri. I found your blog while I was googling Jenu.
    I purchased Jenu 2weeks ago and have been using it with my facial oil.
    I am not using same oil as you mentioned but mine is organic oil for wrinkles which worked for me and I just hope I see better result by infusing deeper by using Jenu. I don’t find too many people using oil+ Jenu. Except myself and you. I put oil on my face wait 15 minutes then use the gel on top to use. Jenu.
    I am curious if you were using gel over the oil also.
    And are you still using Jenu? It is hard to find anyone for real with real opinion. So I hope to see a reply to this. Thanks Geri!

  2. Marie Doyle says:

    WOW What a change……….I volunteer – where do I go? How soon?

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Marie,

      Cute comment. Did you click on the button to see how to get your own visualizer? Geri, FOF


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