Age before stupidity

At first I smiled when brother-in-law Russ sent me this photo, but then I changed my mind.  It’s dumb. First of all, any person who knows how to compose documents on a computer knows you don’t erase words with White Out correction fluid.

Second of all, more FOF women know how to use computers than twenty-five-year olds know how to spell or compose a grammatically correct sentence. I’m assuming a youngish person, who has a great deal of time on his (or her) hands, dreamed up the idea for the photo.  If he spent that time learning something really productive, he might grow up to be as smart as his FOF mother.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are FOF (although we usually only reserve that appellation for women).  I haven’t seen cartoons of either of them using correction fluid on their screens.

I love the computer because it’s helped make me a better writer and a speedier researcher, among other things. It ‘s a pity that it also has given rise to a world of stupidity, and I mean world.

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  1. Helen Poore says:

    I had to laugh reading Nell’s stories. I too was one of the founding “internet users”, meaning, I remember when we used DOS before Windows 3.0 came out. I had one of the first chat rooms on mIRC and cyber sex? Oh..we won’t go there……but it was a fun new world!

  2. Nell Jean says:

    I was amused recently by a young man in his early thirties telling some teenagers at the church about his experiences in the early days of the internet. I decided not to tell him about how I used to go online from home when there was no internet and everything was white letters on a black background accessed from .gov or .edu sites. We dialed up a local university and used ‘Info’ as the username and as the password. Did I mention the 1200 baud modem?

    I’m still not over the young man who came to give us an estimate on a new heating system who took one look at our computers and blurted, “Wow! I didn’t know OLD people had computers.” He lost the job to a middle aged man with manners.

    • Geri says:

      Hi Nell,

      Fabulous stories.


  3. Toby Wollin says:

    That photo is sexist as well as age-ist. I’m amazed that the photographer didn’t stage this with the woman trying to put a carbon set into the top of the monitor. Sheesh.


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