Ageless Beauty

The real deal
The real deal

I love Ellen DeGeneres. She seems down to earth in a world of celebrities who are definitely in orbit. So it’s refreshing to see her in Cover Girl and Olay Simply Ageless ads and commercials, not just because she’s genuine, but because she’s 51. Although scientists at Procter & Gamble have advised me that a woman should start an anti-aging regime way before her 50th birthday, I’m tired of seeing only stunning young women with flawless skin touting these products.

Sleeping beauty, the fantasy
Sleeping beauty, the fantasy

Look at the sleeping beauty in this Estee Lauder ad. When she awakens after using her Night Repair lotion, what do you suppose she looks like?

A real beauty
A real beauty

While I applaud Cover Girl for choosing Ellen, I wonder what stops beauty marketers from using “real women” (perhaps even one with a line or two) for their anti-aging campaigns. Paulette Martsolf (who designs beautiful clothes under her own label called Allie-Coosh) is not looking for a modeling assignment, but wouldn’t a woman as beautiful as she make sense in the Estee Lauder ad?

Barrels of Estee Lauder Night Repair and weeks of sleep aren’t going to make me look like sleeping beauty.  But if Paulette says she uses Night Repair, I’d run out and buy it.

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  1. spuddie says:

    Love this article. Totally agree that we need more real woman out in these ads. (That is why I like Eileen Fisher ads.)


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