All on their own…

I decided to start my own business in 1998, when I was 51, and it was the smartest career move I ever made. Although I could no longer count on a weekly paycheck, and had to pay my for my own health insurance, I didn’t have to get anyone’s go-ahead to develop and sell my ideas.

My company created a magazine for Liz Claiborne; produced conferences for high-level women, which Madeleine Albright and Hilary Clinton attended when they were Secretary of State and New York Senator, and published a couple of kids’ books, among other exciting and rewarding projects.

It’s all led to where I am now: Working with an incredible team on FabOverFifty. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever brought to life (except for my son and daughter, of course.)

It’s thrilling to meet FOFs every week who have become entrepreneurs, like I did 13 years ago. Whether they’re designing exquisite jewelry, like Barbara Berk; developing beauty products, like Nancy Donahue; helping women gain more self confidence, like Elline Surianello; launching websites, like Staness Jonekos, or creating charities, like Jenni Lipa, they’re bringing their passion, brains, drive and creativity to their businesses.

Nancy Donahue and her...
HoneyBelle Body Buffer

There’s no one in the world like FOFs when it comes to making it on their own.




Elline Surianello...and her gorgeous hair
spectacular website


Staness Jonekos and her...










exquisite jewelry


Barbara Berk and her...









Cambodian charity
Jenni Lipa and her...

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  1. kailyn says:

    Go Girls! Good for you. I’m going to start my own business soon too.


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