All the world’s an editor

Once upon a time, Diana Vreeland's fashion, beauty, travel, art and entertaining recommendations were the only ones that counted to American women who wanted to be "in style."

Responses started pouring in when we asked FOF members to add their favorite nail salons to the site. We sure love our manicurists, hair stylists and trainers, and all the other talented people we call on to make us feel and look good. And we enjoy sharing our fab faves with our FOF friends. We trust each other’s recommendations.

I’ve been at business meetings where one high-powered woman will ask another where she bought her dress, had her hair colored or found the great necklace she was wearing. We have this marvelous ability to concentrate on the business at hand and on the other things that count to us (jewelry and clothes, for example).

The web is wonderful because it allows us to spread the word about almost anything. (Of course, this isn’t always good since many people also use it destructively.) Back in the day, we learned about the best of everything primarily through magazines and lifestyle pages of newspapers, where editors’ opinions were the only ones that had a platform.

I was one of these editors.  Imagine, at the ripe old age of 25 I was telling readers which clothes were stylish, which home furnishings would make their homes sparkle and where to take vacations, just because I worked at a newspaper and a boss gave me an editor title.  I surely lacked the qualifications to be anointed an arbiter of good taste, but arbiter I was nevertheless.

All FOF members are editors at We call FOF the place where women of substance share their style. Pretty cool, eh?

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