Anguish At Its Apex

I have often thought that the most important thing in life is one’s physical and mental health because how can you enjoy anything else without those?  Today I realized that the most important things in life–at least in my life–are my two grown children, because if anything happened to them I’m pretty certain I could never enjoy anything again.  I came to this realization after hearing about Anne and Anders Holch Povlsen, who lost three of their four children in the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks on Easter Day.

Anne and Anders Holch Povlsen. Photo: All Over Press Denmark

Although I’ve never wanted to trade places with a single person I’ve known in my life, Anne and Anders’ lives would have looked pretty sweet before Sunday, April 21, 2019. He’s a Danish billionaire in the retail business. She reportedly sits on the board of one of her husband’s apparel companies. They had four beautiful kids, the youngest reportedly about four years old. They’re two of Scotland’s biggest landowners and planned to restore the country’s native woodlands, peatlands, wetlands and rivers, while also helping to protect native Scottish wildlife that’s threatened, including golden eagles, wildcats and red squirrels. That makes the couple not only uber rich, but incredibly passionate about giving back to a place they love. Anders fell in love with Scotland from the times he first visited the country as a teenager, I read.

In minutes, Anne and Anders lives have been devastated. They’re reportedly a discreet couple and now they have been catapulted into the public eye all over the world. Not only will they be grieving over the loss of their three children; they will be comforting the single child who survived. It’s horrific. It’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to comprehend their anguish.

I hope Anne and Anders have strong faith to help them through this unfathomable time in their young lives, and after. I’ve personally seen unbending faith comfort a number of people I know who have lost children to tragic accidents, sickness and drugs. Those with deep faith are blessed.

Even if we all don’t have perpetually dreamy relationships with our children, this oft-repeated quote has never been more meaningful to me: “No parent should have to bury a child.”

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  1. Diane Popper says:

    Heart wrenching! Unfortunately, their lives will never be the same.


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