As she lay dying

I feel terrible for Elizabeth Edwards. Her breast cancer, diagnosed in 2004, has spread to her liver, and her doctors say further treatment would no longer be beneficial.  She is 61, she’s lost a child, she will leave behind three other children (two of them under 15), and her husband is a bad man.  I hope she’s at peace and can spend her remaining time comfortably, both physically and spiritually. When I muse about how quickly I became sixty-three, I stop and take stock that am lucky I got this far and pray I’ll have the chance to go keep going. I heard on the news that Elizabeth’s cheating, narcissistic hubby is by her side. Perhaps she needs to forgive him to be able to move on. She is undoubtedly discussing with him who will play a part in raising her young son and daughter. She’s got to be thinking about the woman who was (is?) his mistress and the mother of his fifth offspring.

My thoughts are with Elizabeth and her children.

PS After I posted this, I found out that Elizabeth Edwards died today. May her soul rest in peace.

Elizabeth Edwards and her two youngest children
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2 Responses to “As she lay dying”

  1. John Pavon says:

    I remember sending Elizabeth Edwards a wishing her well letter & one of my famous St. Joan of Arc Luck Key Chain Pieces. Elizabeth was a rock for her family and friends she wrote a very warm thank-you letter in return.

  2. Leigh Chandler says:

    So sad to hear of this, may she rest in peace. She was a very accomplished woman in her own right, a great role model and a wonderful mother. I will remember her for her accomplishments, not her husbands dirty deeds!


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