It’s thrilling to watch teams win which everyone dismissed before the competition even began. That’s what happened yesterday when the Butler College basketball team beat Michigan State to became a finalist in the NCAA Championships (NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association for my FOF friends who don’t know. The ONLY reason I do is because my son is a sports enthusiast).

How cute is Brad Stevens, even when he's determined to win!!!

Butler is a small school (4,000 students) right outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, and its 33-year-old coach, Brad Stevens, is the youngest to lead a college team into the finals. The little-known school is now known and its victory will help its basketball recruiting efforts.

I am excited when underdogs win because it proves everyone can win.  Anyone who works hard and has talent deserves to win, or at least to have her day in the sun. Butler plays Duke in the finals on Monday.  Duke is the heavy favorite.

But why do we often wait for individuals and teams to win championships, awards and contests–or become rich and powerful– before we fall in love with them?

The greatest thing about the internet is its ability to give voice to talented people who aren’t competing for Academy Awards, Basketball Championships or even elections. At the end of the day, these are pretty arbitrary anyway.

But I imagine that without competition we’d probably be less competitive. And that wouldn’t be too good, either.

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  1. Geri says:

    Hi Susan,

    You are right. I was too flip about the Fulbright. It is an honor that you won. I am changing it.


    • Susan says:

      Thanks, Geri. I just saw my hideous editing…it reads like I was drunk (I wasn’t:) Enjoy the game tonight…ciao

  2. Susan says:

    I love Butler is playing tomorrow. Why do we wait? I don’t, many of us do not. I know what you mean, though. (BTW, Fulbright Scholarships are NOT arbitrary. Speaking as one who from a messed up family with no other options, I worked my rear off to get one many years ago. So putting that in there with the other two, whoa, Nellie. ) Anyway, go Butler, go Hoosiers. (How cute is he? He’s adorable.)


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