Bonnie’s roots

As a journalist and magazine writer, I have been interviewing people throughout my career, from executives at big companies, such as Jack Welsh at GE, to like actresses like Lillian Gish and haute couture designers like Hubert Givenchy.  But no one, no one, has been as fascinating as each of the women I’ve interviewed for FOF.

Since I conjured up the idea for the website in 2009, I’ve personally interviewed well over 100 FOFs, including Bonnie Steen, who invented a hair coloring tool called Roots Only. Like most FOFs, Bonnie isn’t fascinating  just because she came up with a brilliant idea and turned it into a business (that’s not hard for FOFs).  She’s inspiring because she has a rich life on many fronts: A man she married when she was 15 and adored with all her soul every day of their lives together; a fulfilling career as director of financial aid at a college, which she earned by working her way up; a son, daughter and son-in-law who have helped her get through hard times as well as to achieve her success.

A hair colorist tried Roots Only on my sister's gray roots and she loved the way it worked

Like most FOFs, Bonnie is passionate, perpetually moving, and appreciative of all she has. She is 68, and although she likes to spend time fishing and golfing, she isn’t retiring any time soon.

I hope you enjoy reading Bonnie’s interview as much as I loved writing it.

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  1. Barbara-b says:

    I even looked for Roots Only when I bought my hair color today. This could be a very good idea.

    Have you seen Advanced Style “More Proof Gray is the New Blond”? ( I want to be hip and cool and do what Ari suggests but my ego just won’t let me do it. When I told a friend I might let my hair turn gray she gasped and begged me to reconsider. I wasn’t going to do it…it was an empty threat…!



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