Bye, Mayor Koch

Douglas and I were at some street fair with curly-top Colby when he was a tot. And there, suddenly, was Ed Koch, posing for a photo op (at Douglas’ prodding, no doubt).  It was during Ed’s first mayoral term—of three—and he never missed a chance to circulate among the masses. Like him or hate him, he was a straight shooter through and through.  Never minced words and really didn’t give a damn what anyone thought of him, even though he’d publicly ask New Yorkers: “How am I doing?”

A bachelor, Ed had the city abuzz with speculation for years on his sexual proclivity, but he managed to keep his private life well, private. When he left office, he wasn’t omnipresent, like incessantly obnoxious Rudy Giuliani.  But I always enjoyed hearing Ed’s opinions when he appeared  on the political talk shows. He truly loved this city.

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