Call me red, not Rita :)

Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth

I don’t exactly resemble Rita Hayworth, even on one of her off days, but I have red hair, at least as of yesterday. I’ve wanted to be a redhead for years, but my former colorist claimed my hair wouldn’t take red. I always thought that odd.

“You’d look good in red hair,” said Kattia, the owner of the salon where I now have my hair styled. (I didn’t even prompt her). So I jumped at the chance. I’ve always thought that even if I hate a hair cut or a new color, it’s only hair. It’s not the end of the world. Hair grows back.

Geri Brin
Geri Brin

FOF women are pretty adventurous and like change. Change keeps on us our toes. I ad0re my new color, called spicy red. Kattia thinks it suits my personality, which occasionally can be pretty spicy. My husband says he likes my new look, but when I had lunch with my former husband and daughter today, they weren’t falling all over themselves with compliments.

When you’re FOF, you don’t worry much about making everyone happy all the time.

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  1. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    I’m a redhead, not firey red, but auburn.
    I think your hair looks great! Nice going for doing something you’ve always wanted to do!


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