Clothes calls

We spend $25 billion on clothes, but exactly who do we want to impress? Celebrities put on a show for us when they prance around the red carpet (in borrowed baubles and ball gowns). But are we putting on a show for anyone?

How do I look?

Getting ready to make an impression

I used to. When I had a date during my first semester at Syracuse University in 1964, I ran to buy a pink sweater to go with my lipstick red skirt because I wanted to look nice for Walter  (how I still remember his name after 45 years and a single date astounds me). I spent hours choosing my outfit for my first dinner with my future in-laws in 1967.  They lived in Manhattan and I lived in Queens, so I had to show them I was stylish although I lived in a borough.

After losing fifty pounds in 1988, I couldn’t wait to show off my new clothes—and shape—to my co-workers.  I even loved department store dressing rooms because I could parade around in front of all the other women.

When we were young, we used our wardrobe to impress, attract and fit in. We could change our style on a moment’s notice. If our friends wore Bass Weejuns, we wore Bass Weejuns.  Clothes play an entirely different role for me now.  Sure, I’m glad when my husband, friends, relatives, clients and children say I look nice, but I’m not thinking about any of them when I shop.  I dress for myself first.  If I feel good in what I’m wearing, I don’t really worry how anyone else feels.

I don't think twice about wearing chartreuse if I know everyone else will be dressed in black
I don't think twice about wearing chartreuse, even if I know everyone else will be dressed in black

My style is my own.  It’s one of the nicest things that come with being Fab Over Fifty. Just wait till you meet all the spectacular shops that are associated with from coast to coast.  We love every single one of them because they help us bring out our style like no one else.

When I prepared for my date with Walter over four decades ago, I looked at myself in the mirror and said: “I hope he likes me.”  When I look in the mirror now, I say: “I like me.”

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  1. ntspencer says:

    Geri, I love all your blogs! I agree about dressing for myself at this age – Whew! What a relief! I dress so much for myself that I recently went to a Halloween party dressed as an exhausted soccer mom – me!

  2. spuddie says:

    I agree that we don’t dress for men or even other women now. I think we dress to construct an image of ourselves that we are comfortable with and which reflects who we are TO OURSELVES. Our clothes are truly as statement of who we feel we are.

  3. loiswhitman says:

    I almost cried when I read this blog. If you are over 60 you can relate to what Geri says so much it hurts. If I have to explain further, then you are not over 60 and fabulous.

    Geri, so well done



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