Coloring look

If you’ve ever wondered why people in cities like New York, Chicago and Boston wear dark colors in the winter (and often in the summer, too), it’s because we don’t see the sun. Color doesn’t seem to go with a sunless sky. Travel to a southern clime, say Miami, the Caribbean or Mexico, and the streets are popping with color.

Phooey, I say. Black, brown, navy and charcoal may be sophisticated, but color is happy, uplifting and beautiful, especially on a rainy day. This morning, I popped on my orange slicker from San Francisco Clothing and hot turquoise Hunter rain boots and away I went. While most everyone was looking as dreary as they probably felt, my colorful gear made me feel perky. It even solicited a few smiles.

You don’t have to be at all wacky (my nephew, Max, calls me “Wacky Aunt Geri”) to wear color. Try it. It’s fun. It’s definitely a way to be FOF.

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6 Responses to “Coloring look”

  1. Kari Shaffer says:

    […] P.S. Brighten up a rainy day! […]

  2. {Weekly Roundup} | Fab Over Fifty Style Blog says:

    […] P.S. Brighten up a rainy day! […]

  3. Gail Garramone says:

    SO FABULOUS!!! Happy colors and great contrast of boots and coat. You go, girl

  4. Geri says:

    Hey Toby,

    It’s always wonderful to read your comments. I do look forward to spending a weekend with you.


  5. Toby Wollin says:

    Yay, Geri!!! Today was just as dreary and rainy up here (colder too) and I’m coming down with a cold, so I was feeling yucky and glum – so though I wore grey, I also wore grey tights with purple, turquoise, and lime green polka dots!! I’m sure Hue means for these to be bought and worn by the younger set but what the heck – when I need color, I need color. With a side order of fun.

  6. sharon segal says:

    Hi Geri, Love the look and the colors are great. You made the day brighter. Sharon.


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