When You Read A Nasty Comment About Yourself on Facebook

Whenever I’ve heard celebrities publicly read nasty tweets or comments people wrote about them, I think:  “Good for you!”  Well, I’m no celebrity, but I’d like to share a nasty comment made about me. 

The backstory: Life Line Screening is an exceptional service that offers a battery of preventative health screening tests for a ridiculously low price. I’ve written about my experience with Lifeline on my website faboverfifty.com, and this post runs on our Facebook page: 

It’s always rewarding to read the comments from people who have had Lifeline’s tests or plan to have them once they see the Facebook posts. I’m not a saint either, but it pleases me to be able to recommend something that can help someone else.  Especially when it comes to their health!

Anyway, I was scrolling through some comments today and noticed one was hidden from a couple of weeks back, so I un-hid it and saw this: 


I know the world is spinning out of control in many ways, but what in God’s name would possess a woman to preface her comment ABOUT A HEALTH SERVICE with a statement about how “UNAPPEALING” I LOOK!!!!!!????? I actually think that’s a good photo, but, as they say:  “To each her own.”

It’s sad – and a little bit scary – to think about the anger millions of people harbour in their souls on so many levels. 

Now, please understand that I have no problem with people commenting about my hair, my weight, my fashion style etc. if, let’s say, I’m writing about one of those subjects. And, if someone like Doreen Caridi-Schmidt gets her jollies passing around my photo at a soiree she’s throwing for all her good (and obviously ravishing) friends in Florida, go to it sweetheart! 

But I couldn’t let Ms. Caridi-Schmidt’s comment go unanswered because it’s a perfect reflection of something deeply wrong in our culture today.  It takes a special kind of rage for a woman to gratuitously comment about how my photo looks on a post about preventative health screenings.

Anyway, I’m delighted Doreen was “very pleased” with Lifeline and got her results in a couple of weeks.

I wonder how she’d do on tests that measure kindness and joy.


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