Conflicting emotions before a weekend

So sad

I am incredibly sad because a dear friend e-mailed me to say her darling husband has an aggressive cancer. He is in his fifties.

I am sad because young adults can’t find jobs. There’s even competition for unpaid internships.

I am sad because we don’t have enough time to get together with our families as often as we’d like…or should.

I am sad because we pay homage to a world of untalented, unappealing people whom we’ve annointed celebrities.

I am sad because we elect more and more greedy, big mouth, know-it-all people to represent us in our government.

I am sad because it’s getting harder and harder to take it easy.

I am sad because our medical system is falling apart before our very eyes.


I am happy to be alive.

I am happy to have a loyal, caring family and friends.

I am happy to have the intelligence to handle difficult situations, the perserverance and energy to keep striving and the health to stay around another day.

And I am happy to have a family of new friends across the country with whom to share passions, wisdom and all the things we love.


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8 Responses to “Conflicting emotions before a weekend”

  1. Duchesse says:

    Geri, you may know the notion that there are three kinds of business: yours, other people’s and God’s (or whatever you want to call her 🙂 )

    Your business: for example, is your face and what you chose to do, for whom you vote, and how you choose to spend your time. Other people’s business: what they choose to read/watch, or for example what job my son decides to take. God’s business: earthquakes, cancer, etc.- the occurrence out of any of our hands. (However, when we take care of friends, or the Haitians, it comes into ‘our business’.)

    That doesn’t mean we don’t feel sad, frustrated or angry, but it helps me to put my energy where I can affect change or give support, and let go of what is not my business.

  2. Susan says:

    Hmm. You think too much (above comment). Wow. Nor does worrying & thinking about others necessarily make one unproductive. Now I’m annoyed. Back later, Geri. I’m sorry about your friend. Same thing here with a friend…she’s 52 & was diagnosed last week with bone cancer. It’s gonna be rough.

    Try to divert yourself tonight (Saturday) & then on we go.

  3. Soos says:

    You may be sad because you think too much. Women tend to do this. Although I do have a new, young male coworker who also thinks too much. I see it keeps him from working as productively as he could.

    I’m happy to be alive, have a job and a family who love and support each other. And that’s a LOT.

    However, I’m TIRED. So, off to bed and sleep…

    BTW, best to you on this endeavor!

  4. Heather Chapple says:

    Ah ….to keep the balance…sad and happy…. appreciate, recognize and step forward..always forward…glass half full and all that jazz….but it makes one appreciate when you have to recognize the rhythms of life…a little melancholy is probably good for soul too…
    hugs Heather

  5. Toby Wollin says:

    Geri – not to go all accountant on you here (it’s ok; I’m still in the 12-step program for recovering accountants – my hands don’t shake when I look at financial statements any more), but you have 7 things that you are sad about and only 4 things that you are happy (or glad if you need to rhyme) for. In order to get in balance, you need 3 things to be happy about. Such as:
    You are happy that you had your facial procedure done (but perhaps a little bit mad at yourself for having waited so long).
    You are happy that the site is up and running successfully.
    You are happy that you are not in Japan (they just had a 7.0 earthquake).

    As for the ‘sad’ items, several of them are really, for me, in the ‘mad/angry/frustrated’ arena rather than ‘sad’, but that is a personal preference. I’m ‘sad’ because I couldn’t get to my Dad to tell him ‘I love you’ one more time before he died. I’m ‘mad’ because there are far too many people in this country who are holding the rest of us hostage to their political game of “We have to win so that the rest of you lose.” That makes me ‘mad’; it does not make me ‘sad’.

    • Geri says:

      Hi Toby,

      those are definitely three happys (or is is happies?) to add to my list. And I like your glad rhyme, although happy is stronger.

      i didn’t know about the earthquake until i read your comment because i was out. it doesn’t appear too many people were injured or killed, thank God, although I haven’t read an update.

      sleep well.


  6. Kirin says:

    My list of ‘sads’ would be too long to post, but may I say I am so sorry for your friend, such a young age. I am happy however that you have taken the time to write this thought provoking post for us. It caused me to stop for a moment to appreciate more what is good in my life, to deplore what is not so good and resolve to do my bit to improve it however way I can. It is good to stop and look around occasionally and not be so involved in one’s own little world that the real world with all its attending woes and yes its joys just passes you by. It is indeed good to stop and reflect. Thank you for shaking me out of my doldrums.


    • Geri says:

      you are so welcome Kirin.



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