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Once many of us enter our mid-40s and 50s, we’re finally–and hopefully–starting to feel more secure about ourselves and our abilities than we did when we were in our 20s and 30s.

Whether we strived to be the best mothers or wives; the best friends or sisters; the best teachers, writers or businesswomen, we always were so busy working hard, competing vigorously, and trying to impress everyone around us that we never stopped to take stock of who we really were, what we really were accomplishing, and where we really wanted to go! Now that those heady, and sometimes helpless and heart-wrenching, times are behind us, we’re ready to take the time to do just that!

drWhen you come to a point in your life where you deem yourself successful, you have discovered your personal place,” assert the smart folks at Concordia University, which is offering us a free online and email course, appropriately called “How To Create Your Personal Space.” The three-part mini course is designed to help you recognize what you need to do to GROW PROFESSIONALLY, CONNECT WITH OTHERS WHO CAN HELP YOU SUCCEED, AND THRIVE BY ENCOURAGING OTHERS, explains Ken Harris, Program Director at Concordia, in his inspiring opening video.

Quoting an 18th century French philosopher, Ken said: “We discover in ourselves what we hide from others, and we recognize in others what we hide from ourselves.”

Using essays, videos, interactive polls and download journals, the succinct and insightful course material comes from Concordia University Wisconsin’s one-year Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration (OLA). An OLA is an alternative to an MBA that focuses on personal growth and leadership potential. You can looking forward to:

Exploring the importance of expanding your horizons, learning your limits, developing a personal growth plan, and taking the tactical steps to create “a comfortable place where you can operate within your skills and instincts,” explains Ken. 

Understanding how knowing yourself and reading your own emotions will help you recognize what’s missing within you, and connecting with people can help give it to you.

Recognizing when to fight and stand up for what you believe, and when to walk away from the fight and seek a new path to success.

Learning the essential ways to give to others, from giving “the real you” and giving emotionally to giving physically, without expectation and financially.

How to Create Your Personal Space should take only about one week to complete, which is a modest amount of time to learn how to put together the tools you’ll need to build a successful life. And, once you create it, you’ll own it for life.

box-1294153_640I enjoyed listening to Ken Harris’ three fast-moving videos, chock full of sage advice, and to answering the essay questions, including what I need to change when encouraging others. I highly recommend that you sign up, too. Remember, it’s free, it’s fast, it’s fun and it’s enlightening. I can’t think of a smarter gift to can give yourself for 2017!


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